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Are Passion Blockers Running Your Life?

working mom, work life balance

Do you ever dream of making changes in your life but feel like something is holding you back, but you’re just not sure what that is?
We’ve all been in that place. Whether it’s leaving our job, asking for a raise, negotiating more flexible work hours or saying no to an endless request of our time from other people. We dream of changing a situation in our life.

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3 Tips To Make Summer More Fun & Less Stress

Working mom summer fun

Summer break is almost upon us.
This year will be my first experience of having my daughter go on a true summer break as she graduates Kindergarten and gets ready for 1st grade.
I am wondering how it will all work out. I have planned a balance of activities for her (some week long summer camps) and taking time off from my businesses to spend with her.

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3 Steps To Creating More Freedom For You and Your Family

More freedom is the number #1 thing many busy moms crave in their life. Our busy, overwhelming lives can make us feel like we are captive to our schedules.

The truth is we often are.

Juggling work, kids, life and all the other responsibilities that land in our lap our day-to-day life can feel like one big crazy merry-go-round we can never jump off.

Here’s the good news for

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Rave Review

This is my first time ever calling a coach. I have dreams and goals that I have been thinking about for years. I see others taking risks and doing what they want in life. I just could not understand why I held back in reaching for my dreams. I always felt stuck, like I could not break through the barrier. Karen introduced me to coaching. In just a few sessions she has helped me to explore and understand those feelings that keep me from moving into my true potential and accomplishing my dreams. Karen is a wonderful listener, I feel comfortable and safe sharing my innermost thoughts with her. She is insightful and challenges me to think outside the box and to realize for myself that the barriers I feel are my own restrictions. She helps me to work through them, setting new goals and believing in myself. I would recommend Karen to anyone who is feeling stuck and wants more out of life. I am so thankful I found out about coaching.Thank you Karen. ~ Gail Cunha, California