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Passion Shift Mindset Call

Are you ready to change the rules you live by so you can create the life & work you LOVE for you and your family?


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 Learn how to kick the old rules to the curb and create your OWN rules so you can transform
from just surviving to thriving in both your work and as a mom.

Whether you work a J.O.B or run your own business this call will share with you how to take charge of your life
and start living the life you want rather than the one you think you “should.”

This complimentary training is for you if:

  • You want to stop living by somebody else’s rules and be empowered to create NEW rules that work the best for YOUR life and YOUR family.
  • You feel like you are just trying to cope or survive day-to-day in your life and you are ready to thrive on a daily basis and revolutionize your work and your life!
  • You’re tired of trying all the tricks, tools and strategies to achieve that elusive work-life balance. (None have achieved the results you crave and you are ready to make changes that really work.)
  • You want to stop feeling guilty or having to rationalize your choices and are ready to feel deeply successful as both a mom and in your work.
  • You might know how you want to change your life you just need the confidence and courage to make it happen.
  • You are ready to reignite the passion for your life and start living the one you are meant for rather than the life you think you “should.”
  • You’re ready to free your time and energy so you can have more fun with your kids and stop feeling like their life is just passing you by.

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We have the power to create the life we truly want for our families!

The moment we become a mom everything changes – we experience The Passion Shift

The moment we become a mom everything changes – we experience The Passion Shift

Whether we are working a job or running our own business we suddenly find our lives are forever changed by this new responsibility and great passion in our lives – being a mom.

I also know that as moms we can feel the pressure or expectation that our lives should just go on as they had before. Work the same long hours, the same inflexible work schedule, and that we have to squeeze in being a mom into what was an already busy life.

The truth is the moment we become a mom everything changes. Our priorities, our identity, our passion in life. We can struggle to make this transition and can be left feeling out of control of our lives and in the cycle of overwhelm, guilt and stress. What we often don’t realize is that we have the power to change this!

In this complimentary training you will learn:

  • The rules most of us have been living by and why the keep us stuck in a situation we that isn’t allowing us to live our biggest most passionate lives.
  • Exactly how to kick the old rules to the curb, create our own NEW rules and start living the life you want for your family.
  • The real reason we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted with our lives and how to break that cycle (and it’s NOT because we can’t handle it).
  • What The Passion-Shift mindset is and how it will revolutionize your work and life and create the 5 F’s – fun, freedom, flexibility, fulfillment and financial security – for your family.
  • The 7 Passion-levels we can live from and how they effect everything we do in our lives as a mom, in our work and in our relationships ( learn the level that we should strive to achieve to experience the greatest joy in our lives).
  • The shifts we need to make in our thoughts so we can lose the guilt once and for all (and no longer have to rationalize our choices).
  • Why the work-life balance tips, tools and strategies only deal with the tip of the iceberg and don’t provide the lasting change you desire in your life (we will go below the surface to discover the foundation of balanced and happy life).

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So are you ready to discover how you can change the rules, master The Passion-Shift™ mindset and start living your passion, revolutionize your work life & free your time
& energy to have more fun with your family?

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